Waitsfield Elementary School uses a variety of supports and services to help meet the needs of all children enrolled in our school.  These supports and services are designed to help your child grow socially, academically, emotionally, and physically. 


In our work with students, we use a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) that starts in the regular education classroom and continues beyond the classroom to support students across all areas.  

Key Components of our Support System for Students:

Standards-based outcomes based on National Common Core State Standards

Responsive decision-making

Ongoing analysis of data to make decisions about instruction

High Quality classroom instruction

Multi- tiered model and variety of strategies within classrooms to benefit all learners

Educational Support Team 

Our educational support system is rooted in the belief that all children will learn and that those closest to the child are most able to provide appropriate support, accommodations and/or special services.  Waitsfield Elementary School is committed to helping every child achieve challenging standards and make the most of each day’s learning opportunities. 


EST (Educational Support Team)

The primary purpose of the E.S.T. is to assist classroom teachers and staff in working together with families to support students’ social, physical, intellectual and emotional growth.  Upon referral, the E.S.T. will convene to explore student needs and, if specific actions beyond those generally available in the classroom are merited, a plan documenting strategies and action steps will be developed.

Referrals to EST can be made by parents and/or staff members. If you have concerns about your child, you can begin by contacting the teacher. If you feel further action is warranted, ask the teacher or the principal for an EST referral. The EST team is made up of school staff members. Staff who know and work with a child, in addition to the child’s family, are also invited to the EST meeting.


Special Education

Special Education services are for the purposes of identifying students with disabilities, identifying their educational needs, and providing the necessary remedial services, related services and accommodations to allow the student the opportunity to access and benefit from public education. A parent may request a special education evaluation for his/her student.