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Physical Education - Kae Zaino


Welcome to Waitsfield Physical Education and Health!

My name is Mrs. Zaino and I started at WES in January 2023 after teaching P.E. for five and a half years at a private PreK-Grade 8 school. When I'm not leading kids in physical activity, I enjoy being active myself. I am an avid backpacker and a competitive biathlete. 

I believe that PE classes should emphasize teamwork, personal growth, and enjoyment of physical activity. My goal is for students to develop lifelong skills and interests by engaging in a variety of disciplines in P.E. class, ranging from traditional team sports and related skills (like kicking and throwing) to individual activities like biking and disc golf. Students also become experts in locomotor movements and strategic offensive and defensive tactics. Through all these activities, we remain focused on positive communication and engagement.

In health, we focus on how our bodies work and how to be our best selves. We learn about a variety of topics including the effects of drugs/tobacco/alcohol on the body, human sexuality, nutrition, diseases, healthy relationships, mental wellness and bullying/harassment. 

Check out the PE/Health blog for the latest news. 


Typical Schedule

PE Classes are on Thursday and Friday
Health class is every other Wednesday

On health and PE days, students should come dressed in comfortable clothes for moving and athletic shoes (sneakers) with long hair tied back.

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Our School Mission

  • Support students in achievement of high academic standards; we believe that all students can master challenging academic material and we expect them to do so.
  • Foster a safe, comfortable and challenging learning environment; help teach children respect for themselves and others, and teach them to accept responsibility for their actions.

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