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French - Phil ONeil-St Pierre


Bonjour! Bienvenue à la monde du Français!

My name is Phil or Mr. O or Mr. O'Neil and I am the French teacher for Waitsfield and Warren. I grew up in Massachusetts, and have lived in Vermont for 14 years. I'm a big fan of the outdoors and when I'm not at school you can find me skiing, biking, hiking, or jumping in some water. I have a 10 year old dog named Lucy. She is a very sweet puggle (pug/beagle mix), although very short and round.

My goal this year is to familiarize students with the French language through exploration of the French-speaking countries around the world! My hope is that we will begin to build a foundation that allows us to expand our knowledge, understanding, and fluency of not only the French language, but Francophone culture as well. 

A couple fun facts:
-I've been to 22 countries on 3 different continents, and 34 U.S. states (plus Washington D.C.).
-I used to live in the Czech Republic (now Czechia).
-I've been DJing for about 12 years, and play in Burlington a few times a month.

Typical Schedule

I am split between Warren and Waitsfield, but I will be at both schools every week. I'm at Warren Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning. I'm at Waitsfield Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, and Friday. I will see each class K-6 twice a week. 

Typical Homework

I will do my best not to assign homework. That is not a guarantee that there will never be homework, but I do typically try to allot enough class time to complete all assignments. That being said, if a project or assignment has a set due date and a student has mismanaged their time during class, they may have to complete the work at home.


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