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Physical Education - Ally Shea


Welcome to Waitsfield Health Physical Education!

My name is Ally Shea, and I teach Health and Physical Education. I was born and raised here in Vermont, and have recently started my own little family. In the last year I have gotten married, and had my first beautiful daughter named Thea! We have an active pup named Saber, and a kitten, who is the same age as Thea named Phoebe! In my free time I try to get outside as often as possible, and I play in a few women’s soccer leagues, as well as broom ball in the winter! I’ve been a tele skier since 6th grade, and my favorite place to ski is Mad River Glen. One interesting fact about me is that I learned how to play guitar in college and I love playing songs by Brandi Carlile and Grace Potter. 

As a PE teacher, one of my main goals for kids is to foster great teamwork and respect while engaging in physical activity. I tend to shy away from traditional large team sports activities, and focus more on individual and small-group skill progression. Examples of activities we cover as we move through the curriculum can include biking, snowshoeing, kinball, jump roping, circus arts, frisbee, disc golf, golf, tennis, and dance. Students also become experts in locomotor movements and strategic offensive and defensive tactics. Through all these activities, we remain focused on positive communication and engagement.

In health, we focus on a healthy body and lifestyle. We learn about a variety of topics including drugs/tabacco/alcohol and how they affect the body, human sexuality, nutrition, diseases, healthy relationships, and bullying/harassment. 

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Our School Mission

  • Support students in achievement of high academic standards; we believe that all students can master challenging academic material and we expect them to do so.
  • Foster a safe, comfortable and challenging learning environment; help teach children respect for themselves and others, and teach them to accept responsibility for their actions.