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Preschool - Emily Von Trapp and Kaitlyn Wimble


The Waitsfield Elementary Preschool Program is licensed by the State of Vermont. We have achieved 5 STARS, the highest level of Vermont’s quality recognition system.

“STARS – STep Ahead Recognition System – is Vermont’s quality recognition and improvement system for child care, preschool, and afterschool programs. Programs that participate in STARS are stepping ahead — going above and beyond state regulations to provide professional services that meet the needs of children and families.” This program is overseen by the Vermont Agency of Human Services, Department for Children and Families, Child Development Division.

The Waitsfield Elementary Preschool Program is open to all, creating a diverse and balanced learning environment where we nurture the beliefs that:

*Children are intelligent, creative, competent and full of potential.

*Children are deserving of, and capable of love, kindness and respect.

*Children thrive in an environment that is safe, nurturing and beautiful.

We are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, developed by Loris Malaguzzi in Reggio Emilia, Italy after WWII. Malaguzzi believed that children are endowed with "a hundred languages" through which they can express their ideas: painting, sculpting, singing, sewing, etc. This approach is based on the principles of respect, responsibility, and community through exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment, inspired by the interests of the children.

PK3 Kaitlyn Wimble: 
Welcome to Ms. Kaitlyn's classroom! This is my first year teaching at Waitsfield Elementary School (W.E.S). However, my roots with W.E.S go back much farther. I attended W.E.S as a student, and realized I loved it so much I couldn't stay away. I came back during my senior year in high school for an internship within the preschool. I then studied Early Childhood Education at UVM and came back last year working as a paraeducator in the preschool program and throughout the school. I am all about learning through play and providing opportunities that are connected to children's interests. I am very excited to see what this year will bring! 


Emily Church, Preschool Teaching Assistant, works with me in our classroom and has been working at W.E.S in the preschool for nineteen years. We are so lucky to have her! 


Sarah McHugh has also joined our preschool team. Sarah is a licensed early educator who has great experience working with preschoolers. We are so lucky to have her! 


For more information about my class please visit my classroom blog. The blog is a place to find info about important happenings in preschool. The blog is also a place to check in and see what Winnie, our classroom bear has been up to. 


PK4 Emily von Trapp:

Welcome to Ms. von's classroom! My name is Emily von Trapp. This is my eigth year teaching preschool at the Waitsfield Elementary School (W.E.S.). Prior to joining the W.E.S. teaching staff, I was the Executive Director of the Waitsfield Children's Center, a not-for-profit preschool and early education center for five years. I have also taught in New Zealand and Pennsylvania.


Emily Church, preschool teaching assistant, works with me in the classroom. Emily has been supporting the development of preschoolers at W.E.S. for the past nineteen years. Emily also works as the Library assistant. 


Kaitlyn Wimble also works with us on the PK4 teaching team. This is Kaitlyn's second year working with us. Kaitlyn is also the PK3 Classroom Teacher. Please read more about Kaitlyn above

Typical Schedule

Our preschool programs runs from 8:00 a.m. (our classrooms open at 7:30 for families who need to drop off before 8:00) and runs until 12:30 p.m. daily. The three-year-old program operates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, while the four-year-old program operates on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Our daily schedule is listed below. 

Our general schedule for the three-year-old M/W/F class is as follows:

W.E.S. Preschool M/W/F Class Schedule Fall 2018

Time           Monday         Wednesday              Friday
8:00-8:45  Arrival/Play   Arrival/Play         Arrival/Play
8:45-9:00  Clean Up        Clean Up               Clean Up
9:00-9:30  PE                   Library                   Music
9:30-10:00    Snack         Snack                    Snack
10:00-10:30 Circle/Centers Circle/Centers Circle/Centers
10:30-11:15Centers/Projects Centers/Projects Centers/Projects
11:15-11:30  Clean Up    Clean Up                Clean Up
11:30-12:00  Lunch         Lunch                      Lunch
12:00-12:30  Recess       Recess                    Recess    
12:30       Bus/Pick Up    Bus/Pick Up           Bus/Pick Up

Our general schedule for the four-year-old T/Th/F class is as follows:
W.E.S. Preschool T/Th/F Class Schedule Fall 2018
Time           Tuesday         Thursday              Friday
8:00-8:45  Arrival/Play   Arrival/Play         Arrival/Play
8:45-9:00  Clean Up        Clean Up               Clean Up
9:00-9:30  PE                   Library                    Music
9:30-10:00    Snack         Snack                    Snack
10:00-10:30 Circle/Centers Circle/Centers Circle/Centers
10:30-11:15 Centers/Projects Centers/Projects Centers/Projects
11:15-11:30  Clean Up    Clean Up                Clean Up
11:30-12:00  Lunch         Lunch                      Lunch
12:00-12:30  Recess       Recess                    Recess    
12:30       Bus/Pick Up    Bus/Pick Up           Bus/Pick Up


  • Ms. Von's blog

    Visit Ms. von's classroom blog to learn more about the preschool program, classroom updates, view photos and keep up with what is happening in preschool. I hope that my blog will serve as an information tool for parents, and also a tool for children to look at with their parents, essentially a visual bridge to help them reflect upon their experiences at school. Preschoolers LOVE looking at photos of themselves and their friends too! If you are unable to access the internet to view my blog, I am happy to print out the posts for you- just let me know. When visiting the blog you will see that there is a Home tab, a T, Th, F Fall 2018 tab. The Home tab contains general information, while the T/Th/F tab contains content specific to the four-year-old preschool class.

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Our School Mission

  • Support students in achievement of high academic standards; we believe that all students can master challenging academic material and we expect them to do so.
  • Foster a safe, comfortable and challenging learning environment; help teach children respect for themselves and others, and teach them to accept responsibility for their actions.
  • Enhance global awareness and acceptance of diversity.