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Welcome and thank you for visiting the Waitsfield Elementary School Counseling site! My name is Katie Babic and I am thrilled to be serving as your Elementary School Counselor. Please let me know how I may assist your child and or children in having a happy, successful and productive school experience. I invite you to read the information below or check out my webpage to learn about services that are available to all students. 

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Counseling Services are available during the school hours Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Services provided for all students:

  • Individual Counseling: A referral for Individual counseling can be made through the request of a parent, teacher or student. This service is conducted in a confidential manner and aims to meet a students need or concerns.
At the school level, individual counseling is short-term (6 to 8 weeks) and seeks to address and remove barriers that may be getting in the way of a student being the best learner that they can be. Should a student need on-going service (past the 6-8 services I provide), a referral can be made to an outside mental health provider.

  • Small Group Counseling: Small group sessions typically last 4-6 sessions, and are often a result of a parent or teacher referrals. Small group sessions are offered throughout the year, and are based on student needs. This type of counseling environment allows students to give and recieve help from peers who may be experiencing similar feelings or situations. Some examples of small groups that have been provided in the past:
  • Organization,
  • Study Skills,
  • Social Thinking,
  • Friendship,
  • Girls/Boys Club

Sessions will be held at an agreed upon time with the classroom teacher so minimal instruction is missed. If you have any questions about group counseling, or would like your child to participate in a group, please feel free to contact me!

Services provided for parents, teachers and other community stakeholders:
  • Teacher or Parent Consultation,
  • Community Collaboration,
  • Responsive Services

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Classroom Themes

Comprehensive and developmentally appropriate guidance lessons will be delivered for each grade level, once a week for a trimester. Lessons are approximately 40 minutes and follow the VT Framework for Health Education Standards.
Some of the topics covered during this time are; Character Development, Conflict Resolution, Stress Management, Bullying & Harassment and Goal Setting.

Student Resources

Kids Health 

Parent Resources

Please take a moment to check out a few of these wonderful online resources for parents.

Community Resources


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Our School Mission

  • Support students in achievement of high academic standards; we believe that all students can master challenging academic material and we expect them to do so.
  • Foster a safe, comfortable and challenging learning environment; help teach children respect for themselves and others, and teach them to accept responsibility for their actions.
  • Enhance global awareness and acceptance of diversity.